Professional, Industrious and Savvy

1_BWStephanie Martinovich is a writer and marketing professional working in Boston, Massachusetts. She has spent over a decade wearing many hats for startup companies, which gave her the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities with minimum supervision and resources. With hard work, creativity and dedication, she watched a successful startup grow into a larger profitable corporation. In 2009, she decided to pursue freelance work and combine her passion for writing and marketing to help small businesses gain recognition in a time of economic uncertainty.

“I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie for over 5 years. The marketing work that she executed during the early days helped create the company’s strong brand that is recognized worldwide in the in the healthcare predictive modeling industry. Stephanie was one of the real assists to the company, a dedicated and hard worker that always put in the extra time and effort to get a job done.”

Atul Mistry, VP of Technology, CTO , DxCG Inc.

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